Ecoberi Offers

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Solutions for You and Your Family

Space Saving Containers

Easy to Use, Easy to Store

Microwave Safe

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Airtight, Snap Top Lids

Dishwasher Safe

3 Sets to Choose From

Colorful and Fun

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Reusable Sandwich - Snack Bags

A true single use baggie replacement.

Airtight, ZipTop

Our bags can be reused 1000's of times.

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Ecoberi Silicone Oven Mitt and Potholder Set

Fun Colors

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Our Oven Mitt Set is the perfect combination.

Flexibility and Heat Protection from Fingers to the Forearm.

Perfect Combination


Ecoberi is a Brand on Mission to provide Eco-Friendly reusable products that are not only functional but look beautiful. We seek to provide items you can reuse and will enjoy using for a long time.