Ecoberi, launched in 2019, is a women-owned company committed to sourcing, testing, and purchasing innovative reusable products. We found that many of you are just as committed as we are to saving our planet and wanted to provide you with options for single-use plastic products.

Our goal is to help our planet and our environment by providing you, the consumer, with well designed, functional reusable products, replacing single-use plastics. In our small way, and with your help, we can make a significant impact together.


Packing food for your family has never been easier or less time-consuming. Pre-chopped vegetables can be quickly added to a stir fry or made into a healthy salad for your family.

Advanced meal prep allows for a quick and easy healthy meal in no time. Prepare baby food; sous vide, soup, chopped vegetables, marinated meats, and quickly add to your meal. Keep a healthy life, save time, help the planet, an all-in-one solution for your family.


By buying reusable products you are taking the first step towards preserving our planet.

Did you know? 

Every minute, 160,000 disposable plastic bags are entering our waterways, affecting our marine and wildlife.

Join us in helping our planet by purchasing reusable products.


We are committed to customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide high-quality eco-friendly products designed with the user in mind.

Ecoberi is doing its part in preserving our environment by offering reusable products.

We are always looking for new innovative products that meet our goals. Check back often to see the latest items.

We want to hear from you and consider all feedback. It helps us grow to be a better company and closely meet our customers' needs.