Ecoberi Oven Mitts and Pot Holder Set - Heat Resistant Silicone, Oven Mittens, Non-Slip Grip, Cotton Lining, Cook, Bake, BBQ, Set of 3

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Must-Have Kitchen Tool when you cook, bake, steam, and BBQ. Protect yourself from burns with our fun-colored kitchen set of oven mitts. 

Heat Resistant offers heat protection to 450°F. Our oven mitts are 13" long, a good length to protect your hands, wrists, and forearms from burns.

Steam Resistant and Waterproof Silicone will not absorb hot liquids and is fully waterproof and stain-resistant. Protect your countertops with the potholder.  

Textured Non-Slip Grip allows you to keep hold when handling hot pots, pans, and cookware. The textured side can also aid in opening jars.

Easy to Clean and machine washable. The stitched cotton lining adds protection and comfort and can be pulled out to dry, then tucked back in.

Our oven mitts are 13" long, a good length to protect your hands, wrists, and forearms from burns. The set includes a pair of mitts and a potholder.

ECOBERI silicone oven mitt set comes in several fun colors and is the perfect combination of silicone and heat-resistant fabric. Silicone, where it is needed most, and heat resistant material, make this the ideal combination of flexibility and heat protection from fingers to the forearm. 

The textured non-slip silicone allows you to keep a hold of hot items. The potholder's textured side can open jars or act as a trivet protecting your table or counter. The mitts are easy to care for and have a cotton lining for comfort. Toss in the washing machine when needed. 

Use these mitts for cooking, baking, grilling, BBQing, steaming, and handling hot pots, trays, and other cookware while protecting yourself from burns. Our oven mitts are a must-have tool for your kitchen.      

Key Features 1) Heat protection to 450°F 2) Steam and stain-resistant. 3) Textured silicone for good grip. 4) Silicone and fabric for comfort and safety. 5) Machine washable 6) Finger to forearm heat protection.