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Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is for gathering our loved ones together.  Food takes center stage, whether we share traditional dishes or branch out and try something new. 

We may be out of practice with entertaining after limiting our celebrations over the last couple of years but don’t let stressing the small stuff get in the way of enjoying yourself on Thanksgiving.  

It’s time for a plan. I recommend Day Designer free, printable sheets to keep you on track for just about anything - including holiday meals. Thinking through the details in advance and spreading out the tasks over the coming days/weeks assures everything gets done.  On the day of your gathering, your mind is free to enjoy your guests. 

What about leftovers at the end of the day? In the past I‘ve scrambled to find the right containers to fit both the contents and the refrigerator. Our food safe, silicone bags are not only sized to handle whatever quantities you need to store, the containers are easily stored in the refrigerator and in the kitchen before you need them, too.  

Check out the video and stock up so you are ready for anything! 

Imagine a relaxed Thanksgiving, start to finish!  Make a plan. Be happy, and share the joy!