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reusable food safe, snack sandwich bags

Easy Resolution for the New Year

Easy Resolution for the New Year

The last time I was able to keep a New Year’s resolution throughout the year was a long time ago when I was in college. It was so successful I kept making that same resolution every year: take a multivitamin every day. 

After a few years I decided I didn’t need to make it my resolution anymore, I should change it up. Weirdly, as a result I stopped taking a multivitamin every day!  And the more difficult resolutions never stuck. 

Why did that first resolution stick? My guess is it was simple, achievable during a very busy time of life. At a time when so much is out of your control, it’s comforting to do even one thing that has a positive impact. When it’s something you notice and can feel good about every day, it gets easier and easier to keep your resolution. 

So our 2022 resolution is simple, impactful and easy to stick to for the rest of the year. Replace disposable plastic bags you zip closed with these all-new reusable bags from Ecoberi.  

reusable food safe zip top sandwich bags

Just as handy, they hold sandwiches, snacks, leftovers. I’m a fan of sliced veggies and hummus for snacks; whatever is left goes into a salad later. The seals on these bags are secure yet easy to open and close, so no more reaching for something only to find the bag open and the contents stale.

It is surprising that this set of 14 in a thoughtful range of sizes easily replaces boxes and boxes of disposables in the kitchen. Resolution success!